Can-Technologies is a leading partner to the manufacturing industry across North America. We continue to deliver innovative sustainable software products for process optimization to lines of production globally.  Our long standing services ensure safety, efficiency, and profitability to our clients.

At Can-Technologies, we pride ourselves on having strong manufacturing experience and expertise at all levels of our company. This allows us to successfully implement manufacturing strategies for our clients, without unnecessary hiccups along the way.

Many of our top executives are engineers with extensive background in manufacturing, enabling them to establish quick and effective strategies for your process optimization, energy conservation and safety solutions.

Our senior engineers, designers and developers are experts in improving systems and processes. They optimize your production line, reduce downtime, increase productivity, reduce energy intensity and improve safety measures for both equipment and personnel.

Together, our team of professionals will not only serve your day to day needs for running your equipment and processes under safe and optimal conditions, but also provide you with innovative solutions that can positively impact your competitiveness.

We serve a variety of industries from Iron & Steel, Cement, and Power Generation to Food & Beverage, Automotive, Material Handling and Consumer Products.

Our innovative solutions can create highly intelligent, information-driven systems that can respond rapidly to change in your market, products and services.

The benefits of Industry 4.0 are numerous. Allow us to become your technology partner in this revolutionary journey

Industry 4.0 is the marriage of IT solutions and manufacturing operations – the maturation of digital technology in the manufacturing industry. 

Digitally enable your workforce with smart solutions

Empower your next-generation workforce, equipping them with the skills and tools to consistently and safely keep up with the new complexities and speed of digital manufacturing. 

Manufacturing safety is important to prevent or lessen the risk of workplace injury, illness and death.

The manufacturing industry requires workers to engage in high-risk activities. Our advanced Safety Solutions not only improve your workplace safety measures, and decrease cost of injuries and insurance claims but also improve productivity. 

Industrial Energy Conservation Solutions for Sustainable Manufacturing.

Manufacturers have unique energy needs. Important changes are happening because, fundamentally, it is too costly to continue operating a business that produces expensive waste. 
We have tailored solutions to fulfill all your needs. Get more from your energy strategy. Speak with one of our experts today! Ask for our comprehensive Energy Management Solution.
Serving a variety of industries from Iron & Steel, Cement and Power Generation to Food & Beverage, Automotive, Material Handling and Consumer Products, we take full ownership of your project and drive it from conception to integration and production. We design and integrate cost-effective and innovative solutions for your production lines and optimize your operational profitability. 

Our senior engineers and designers are experts in your domain and in improving your systems and processes.