In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers like you need to boost efficiency to gain an advantage. Essentially, you need to make more with less—and a manufacturing execution system (MES) can help you do just that. MES reduces production costs by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and rework, and providing higher quality products. Increased transparency in order fulfillment and reduced variance in product quality increases customer satisfaction while increased responsiveness to unforeseen events or product quarantine/recalls secures brand equity and consumer safety.

The world of manufacturing is always changing. Is your company changing with it?

Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how manufacturers deliver in today’s experience economy. Competition, unexpected events, and consumer demand put relentless pressure on manufacturers. A world-class business platform such as Entelegis-MES can help you to digitally transform your operations and prepare for what’s in front of you.

Delivering scalable MES Solution tailored to your industry

Our team of experts can implement an effective MES solution tailored to your specific requirements and – Create more Accountability  – Increase Machine Availability  – Improve Efficiency  – Increase Production  – Improve Quality  – More profit $$

OEE measures how effectively time is used to produce a quality product: OEE = Availability * Performance * Quality

Leading manufacturers now see initiatives such as traceability, continuous improvement, yield and OEE optimization best handled as part of a true operations-wide big data solution because software technology has advanced to the point where harnessing the big data of a manufacturing enterprise is a practical reality.

MES Solutions combined with Big Data and AI are transforming the landscape of manufacturing