Choosing an Engineering and Software Solution company that meets or exceeds your Needs

Between budget constraints, campus closures and the heightened need for technology support resulting from remote and online learning, Health & Safety and IT departments within universities and colleges are faced with a massive undertaking: How can they continue to provide the high-caliber experiences that their faculty, staff and students deserve despite constricting resources and an increasingly uncertain landscape for a safe and effective education.
Protecting the safety of your students, faculty and staff is your number one priority, but financial resources are often stretched thin. Using our innovative technology combined with our expertise, we can help you address the complexities of your operation.

Using our safety solutions, directors, managers, faculty, and staff do not need to make hard decisions between nourishing their students or allowing them to safely access campuses, labs, libraries, and cafeterias.

Our safety solution technology can help to effectively assess risks to health and well-being, notify users, and eliminate or mitigate the risk.

Educational organizations have unique requirements for their Electrical Safety Systems..

Work with our team to make your assets and equipment work safely. Protect your workers at their workplace. Make their working environment safe..

For many schools, the answer is an external partner that can provide them with guidance and insight into required solutions and best practices.

Our specialists can help you plan and install complete safety solutions for classrooms, educational and administrative buildings, sports and athletic complexes and other educational facilities. Whether you’re considering new construction, upgrades or retrofits, we can be your single-source provider for solutions that can be integrated and networked for granularity of information.. 


We serve many school boards with their safety solutions and electrical code compliancy