SafetyAssist –Workplace

A proven SaaS cloud based software solution for workplace safety

SafetyAssist–Workplace assists your enterprise in minimizing the risk to the health and well-being of your workers, increases the safety of your equipment and machinery, improves maintenance practices and even increases workers’ productivity.

We are ready to do a digital transformation for your workplace safety.

Our innovative solution has merged our deep knowledge of industry and advanced software and hardware technologies with safety standards, codes and regulations to protect your workers, machinery and processes from potential hazards.


A digitized health and safety solution for industrial sector.

This solution protects workers, machinery and processes from potential hazards.

LOTO Assist

Take control of your Lockout/TagOut (LOTO) and better manage your workplace safety.

Know what assets are locked, by whom, when and why in realtime. Safety requires attention to details, consistency and persistency. Let technology do the leg work. Meet and exceed EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) regulations- minimize your risk while saving money and time.

AF Assist

Protect yourself, your personnel and your equipment from deadly Arc Flash hazard.

You no longer need to choose between keeping production running, maintaining equipment or keeping personnel safe. Our AF Assist series of products can help you do it all from the palm of your hand. Allow us to help you to minimize and mitigate your risk. Let us guide your electricians and engineers on how to prevent the danger and how to stay proactive.

Eliminate incidents, minimize near-miss incidents

Our digitized health and safety solution increases your safety measures and reduces the severity and probability of incidents at your workplace. It even minimizes the number of near-miss incidents, thereby creating a healthy and positive workplace that exceeds both governmental and industrial safety standards.

Ready to digitize your PHSR reviews?

SafetyAssist-Workplace is an evolving suite of products with the following sub-category:

  • Electrical Arc Flash Safety (AF)
  • Electrical Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO)
  • Pres-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSHSR, PHSR, PSR)

Improve your overall workplace safety

SafetyAssist-Workplace benefits its users by:

  • Improving overall workplace safety
  • Reducing frequency and probability of incidents
  • Minimizing frequency of near-miss incidents
  • Improving health and safety protocols
  • Reducing maintenance costs