Can-Technologies Scrap-LMS

Scrap Loading Management System (Scrap-LMS)​

Scrap-LMS can improve operation of your Meltshop Scrapyard by managing scrap handling, scrap loading from truck loads all the way to charging buckets to your EAF.

Better Managing Scrap = $$$ Immediate Profit

Can-Technologies Scrap Loading Management system (Scrap-LMS) is a software solution designed to digitize scrap loading process, automate recording of mix program and its associated heat details, improve the accuracy of loaded materials, and facilitate flow of reliable and real-time data from the scrapyard to the Electric Arc Furnace.

 Managing Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Scrap-LMS is designed to manage your scrap loads for both Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Scrap-LMS enables operators to load proper mix program with a right recipe to each bucket charging your Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF).

Scrap-LMS Modules

Scrap-LMS consisted of six modules, each serving a specific function and providing their associated users with the necessary tools to control and monitor various aspects of the scrap loading process.

Our Scrap-LMS has the following Modules:

  • Row Mix Material
  • Turning Scrap
  • Purchased Scrap
  • Bucket Load
  • Bucket Charge
  • Notifications
  • Reporting

Versatile Functionality

Scrap-LMS provides a comprehensive set of tools to address various aspects of scrap handling, from creation of mix programs to processing purchased and turning scrap, as well as managing loading and charging processes.

Improve your Scrapyard operation today.

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