Changing burden distribution for a blast furnace can directly impact the furnace operation, productivity, energy consumption and cost of operation.

EMIS-BDMS software solution

can help you to optimize your Blast Furnace operation, reduce Coke Consumption, improve Furnace Stability, increase Productivity, and sustain the gained results despite ongoing operational and material changes.

Our EMIS-BDMS Solution (formerly called Entelegis-EMIS-BF) is an easy-to-use solution for complicated problems associated with blast furnace operations. It is effective, efficient and can save you millions of dollars.

Burden Distribution Tools

Looking to have an easy to use set of tools to better manage your burden distribution?

Setting up the perfect charge matrix and an adequate burden distribution profile, while dealing with your ongoing operational and material changes does not have to be rocket science.

Use the EMIS-BDMS solution and set your burden profile in a few minutes, with a couple of clicks and without needing to know all the difficult formulas and algorithms running behind the scenes.

Burden Distribution Simulator

See how your new burden distribution profile is going to change your furnace permeability. Benchmark your operation on ore/coke ratio and gas flow trend. Evaluate the effect on the gas flow through the burden due to any changes in burden sequencing, material changes, and ring patterns prior to deploying a new burden profile to an operational blast furnace.

Material Handling Simulator

Simulate your material handling operation and see its impact on furnace operations. Don’t jeopardize furnace stability and personnel safety. Use our simulator before you make any changes on the discharge sequence.

Calculation based equations

Don’t run your furnace as a black box. Get deeper into your furnace steady-state calculations. Use our tools and see the positive effects of your changes on BF process parameters before you even physically test your furnace. 

Our EMIS-BDMS Solution is an easy-to-use product for complicated problems associated with blast furnace operations. It is effective, efficient and can save you millions of dollars.

Rule-Based Abnormalities

Don’t wait for traditional sensors to detect a problem! They tend to detect issues when it is already too late to take safe and easy action. Use our rule-based engine and receive notifications as soon as things start getting out of spec. Become proactive, fix the problem prior to its occurrence.

Any changes to the key furnace operational parameters can cause some predictable and some unpredictable consequences.

Our Rule-based Abnormality module enables BF operators and supervisors to become more proactive in managing predictable consequences.

As your BF operational team better manages the predictable scenarios, they will have more time to deal with unpredictable situations and better recognize the source of those issues. This will allow them to setup more advanced rules for minimizing the number of unpredictable scenarios.

BF Mobile App

Work remotely and be as effective as you are onsite. Prove your effectiveness by using the technology and creating more furnace stability, productivity and coke reduction even when you are not onsite.