Energy consumption and the quality and reliability of energy are major contributing factors affecting performance, profitability and sustainability of your enterprise.

Most companies consume 10% to 20% more energy than they really need.

Our energy services team help our customers to improve their overall energy plan and reduce energy resource consumption regardless of type of energy.

ROI < 1 year based on 10% savings

Whether you are in an industrial manufacturing or process environment, a mission critical facility such as health care, primary infrastructure or data centre, an airport or institutional property owner, reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency will help improve your overall performance and bottom line profitability.

Are you having issue with your power quality, power factor or coincident peak?

We provide 360 coverage from site assessment, sub-metering, connectivity and data gathering to deploying our Entelegis-EMIS software solution for monitoring, analysis and management

Measure, monitor, and manage the Energy Metrics for:

  • Electricity, water, gas, pneumatic, compressed air, hydraulic, and more
  • Energy consumption, demand/response, coincident peak, load shedding
  • Reduction in Energy Intensity, improvement in Productivity
Our Energy Management Solution can yield great savings by highlighting areas of inefficiency so right course of actions can be taken in realtime. This can reduce the overall amount of energy used within your enterprise in average between 10% to 20% although we have achieved over 35% savings for many of our clients. 

Ask for our track record on savings we have done across multiple industries.