Detailed Design for Electrical, Instrumentation and Control (Installation / IFC Packages)

November 15th, 2022 Electrical Design, Energy, Industry 4.0

Can-Technologies is a Canadian engineering firm providing high-quality electrical and instrumentation detailed design for a variety of industries, especially in manufacturing and infrastructure.

Our experienced team of engineers can help your industry with either a new green development or a retrofit project in any complex facility.

Our team will perform:

  • Site Assessment/High-Level Design/ Budgetary Proposal
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Phase Design
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • Issued For Bid (IFB)
  • Installation Package
  • Issued For Construction (IFC)
  • Supervision on Installation
  • Field Support for Installation, Construction and Commissioning
  • Long-term Support

Engineering Deliverables

The following lists some of the deliverables we provide:

  • Load List & Load Study
  • Motor List & Equipment List
  • Single Line Diagram (E-House, Switchgear, Transformer, VFD, MCC/PDP, etc.)
  • Schematic Diagrams, Control Loops, Interconnection Drawings
  • Equipment & Cable Tray Layouts (Raceways, Bus Ducts, etc.)
  • Cable Schedule & Cable List (Electrical & Instrumentation)
  • Lighting & Power System, UPS
  • DC Power Distribution (UPS, backup battery)
  • Emergency and prime power generation (Diesel Generator, Fuel tanks)
  • Communication & Network Configuration
  • P&ID Diagrams
  • Instrumentation List, I/O List, Alarm List
  • Grounding & Bonding System (high resistance and solidly grounded)
  • BOM and Material Requisition
  • Power quality and coordination study including Safety and arc flash study

In addition,

  • Review and validate vendor specs for hardware and long lead procurement
  • Coordination with other engineering disciplines (Civil & Mechanical) to provide optimal solutions based on requirements.
  • Issue P.Eng. Approved Drawings and Specifications for Bid and Construction phases
  • Design Review Meetings and On-Site Visits, when required
  • All design drawings and deliverables will be issued for Client review (IFR) and for Construction (IFC)

Smooth Installation

The most cost-effective installers are the local ones. However, serving industrial clients for over 20 years, we know that your local installation companies may not have enough well-trained installers. We have a solution for this problem:

Our experienced engineering team prepare the bid document with a:

  • Step by step scope of work
  • Clear description of work using images, photos, sketches, etc.
  • Clear scope for labour, materials and tools with accurate hours, BOM and quantity
  • Clear boundary of responsibilities and expectations

We help your team to individually evaluate received proposals, precisely compare solutions, deficiencies and benefits from each vendor and choose the most qualified company with the best price.


Why using us?

Choosing the Can-Technologies engineering team will help your organization to complete installation of your equipment and processes with the highest level of quality, in the shortest time possible and with the lowest price tag. Our team is available to support your projects remotely and be on-site when needed.

Benefit from our cost-effective delivery and low exchange rates for all your North American projects.

Please contact Mahin for more information or to obtain a quote. You can reach her through her email at or by phone at +1.519-589-9295.

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